Your Guide to Buying a Dental Practice

Your Guide to Buying a Dental Practice

If you're considering buying a dental practice and stepping into the role of Practice Owner, it's crucial to approach this significant commitment with careful consideration.

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Buy a dental practice: Your Guide
If you’re considering buying a dental practice and stepping into the role of Practice Owner, it’s crucial to approach this significant commitment with careful consideration. To assist you in navigating this process, here’s a comprehensive guide with invaluable insights from Henry Schein Dental Practice Sales (formerly MediEstates) covering essential areas from establishing a solid career history to finding the ideal practice.


Financial Preparation – Managing Your Finances Effectively
Before embarking on the journey of purchasing a dental practice, it’s essential to assess your financial situation thoroughly. This includes evaluating your personal expenditures and ensuring transparency in your financial records, as banks will require a comprehensive overview before extending a loan for the practice acquisition.


Seek Expert Guidance
Navigating the complexities of a practice acquisition demands expertise. Surround yourself with seasoned professionals who possess recent experience within the dental industry. Seeking the right advice and support streamlines the acquisition process, minimising stress and potential pitfalls. Henry Schein Financial Services (HSFS) offers comprehensive assistance, from evaluating your career trajectory to facilitating the sale’s completion, acting as a liaison between various stakeholders such as banks, solicitors, and accountants, while also managing the CQC (Care Quality Commission) process.


Finding the Perfect Practice
With demand exceeding supply, it’s imperative to explore all options diligently to secure a practice within your budget. Banks are willing to lend, but the practice must align with your experience and financial capacity. Conduct thorough research to ensure the practice’s suitability and affordability, avoiding overstretching your financial limits.


Crafting a Solid Business Plan
A well-defined business plan not only instils confidence in lenders but also provides a roadmap for your practice’s future. Key components include outlining business objectives, detailing services/products offered, analysing market dynamics and competitors, estimating acquisition costs, proposing operational arrangements, and presenting realistic financial forecasts supported by evidence.


Structuring the Acquisition
Consult with dental professionals to determine the optimal business structure, avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Selecting the right structure streamlines the acquisition process and safeguards essential elements such as NHS contracts.


Securing Financing
HSFS can facilitate the financing process by assessing target practices, providing insights into deposit requirements and potential renovation costs, and recommending the most suitable funding options. Leveraging their expertise can expedite the sale while optimizing financing terms.


CQC Compliance
Timely submission of CQC applications is critical to minimising delays in the acquisition process. Ensure meticulous completion of the application in accordance with CQC specifications to avoid rejections and expedite approval.


Due Diligence
Conducting thorough due diligence is vital to confirming the practice’s viability and identifying any potential issues. Collaborate with experienced dental solicitors to review documentation provided by the seller, addressing concerns promptly to avoid complications down the line.


Staying Informed
Stay abreast of dental practice acquisition procedures to enhance your chances of success. Remaining informed and proactive throughout the process is key to achieving a favourable outcome.

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How long will it take to sell my dental practice?

The length of time can vary depending on the practice type and buyer type. Typically a practice sale completes within 4-10 months. For a more detailed discussion about your own circumstances please contact us.

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